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Inspire and make life the thing you want it to be.  Celtae is a musician, artist, and healer.   Sit back and enjoy her art and her music.


Celtae Lynne

Celtae Lynne is an up and coming artist with many talents that encompass everything from music, voice, amazing knotwork painting and healing through meditation and her music.  Her inspiration is from the spirit of nature and the depth of the human soul.

Born in Stratford Ontario, Celtae learned from a very young age the talent she had with in her for music.  Singing constantly and then traveling with a choir for many years she developed a singing presence that has been described as "...beautiful and spiritually harmonious.".  Her music will inspire and lift you to new levels.

Traveling to Europe and learning new languages and experiencing their communities was a turning point in her growth and decided to come home and graduate from Western University in London Ontario with her degree in vocal performance.  She is focused on writing original content and expanding her art to new areas.  She has been moving heavily into Mantra music and Ceremony music as well as shooting music videos with her partner Kory.


Past works include a five song EP released back in 2016 called Beautiful Soul.  She has worked on portraits and custom art for customers infused with her unique style and will gladly make any work you would like personally made for you.

She is currently working on on the cover of a book to be released in 2021 and has been working on new material for music and music videos.  New music and videos are coming for the summer of 2020.


Celtae Lynne

"And now I realize your light is love I've hidden from …. Your light is love.”

Celtae Lynne is a musician, singer, songwriter, visual artist, and energy healer who has built her life around creating healing art.  

With a voice described as “beautiful and spiritually harmonious,” Celtae grew up singing in choirs before completing a degree in vocal performance and beginning to write her own music. In 2016 she released her first EP, Beautiful Soul – a record that combined her ethereal vocals with a late-nineties and modern country vibe. 

After releasing Beautiful Soul, Celtae unexpectedly found herself on a soul journey of her own. She stepped away from music and began to explore deeper spirituality and spiritual healing. She emerged from that journey fundamentally changed and inspired as an artist, with a vision to create art – musical and visual – that comes from her own experience of higher consciousness.

Renewed in voice and purpose, Celtae has begun to release new music again, both as a solo artist and as part of the band Collective Evolution, which she formed with life partner Kory Adcock. Her most recent single, Butterfly, reveals a new pop sensibility and exists as her musical offering to the universe, “in honour of blessings I received on my journey towards love and healing.”

As a songwriter and as a visual artist, Celtae creates work designed to help people pursue their own spiritual awareness and connection. Apart from writing new music, she is currently working on the cover of a forthcoming book about spirituality and manifesting love by Dr. Falak Shaiikh. She is also available for commissioned art, portraits, and illustrations infused with her own unique style.

Feet firmly planted on the healing road, Celtae continues to explore, express, and create music and art that not only reveal her truth, but will help others uncover theirs.

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"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do"

Edgar Degas


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